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Broadband is not available in every country or indeed in all areas of countries that do supply broadband. With this in mind we introduce the MM156, a dual IP broadband and analogue videophone.

When broadband is not in use the MM156 plugs into your normal phone line and makes videocalls worlwide of colour Real-Time motion picture at up to 14 frames per second, with full duplex audio. You can make all your audio only calls too, by simply dialing any other ordinary phone in the usual way. The MM156 will even accept low cost router prefixes to allow cheap connection to far away places !
Of course, as soon as you can or want to go broadband, the MM156 will give you broadband quality (and free unlimited calls) of up to 30 frames per second. For your peace of mind the MM156 is delivered with a Plug&Go bundle tailored to any placement in the world (including correct mains adaptors, modems, analogue plugs etc).
You tell us the destination, we do the rest. To place an order go to >Page 4.

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